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ITS pets Gets A Website

Posted on : 11/06/2014

In June, when ITS launched their new image and new website, ITS pets – the new pet relocation division of the company, for the first time, launched a webpage within ITS website. In future, ITS pets which is still very young (will be 1 year old in October 2014), will have own website, but for the moment ITS pets team hopes that this interim solution is still able to convey the information to the customers and partners, to grasp their attention and instil confidence in ITS pets commitment and professionalism. We hope, ITS pets will have lots of frequent visitors and will be able to satisfy the initial interest of the pet owners in search of a reliable and professional pet relocating agency in the UAE. Read about ITS pets service options, animal welfare and customer service commitments and important tips for the pet owners whom we strive to serve with the highest level of quality and dedication. Pet owners can find a bunch of useful information required for those who plan their pets’ journeys and access websites of important organisations and networks – IPATA, ATA, IATA, DEFRA (for UK pet owners), AQIS (for Australian pet owners), MAF (for New Zealand pet owners) etc. We hope you enjoy it! Of course, we invite your feedback – please send a a line to the address you can find in our pages dedicated to pet and animal transportation.

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